Terms & Conditions

There is a setup fee for every item ordered

Setup charge for invitation sets are built into the price of the printing of invitations, which includes PDF for sending around

Please contact us for product availability.

We also offer setup of invitations for a PDF only

Setup for benchers and kippot are separate from the item itself

Proofreading is a must, we will not be responsible for any typographical errors once you’ve approved the job

We ship UPS ground. We will not be held responsible for any misrouting, or any delay etc., caused by UPS.

Setup allows for 1 time changes (not mistakes), after that there will an additional charge of $25.00

If you cancel your order, you will be charged the setup charged, and/or the total of your order, depending on the status of your order

All Sales Final. No returns, refunds or exchanges. All orders picked up in New York are subject to NY Sales Tax